Riley's Super Awesome Website

This is a picture of me on my vacation to Alaska.

My Folders:

This is my first website! Can't wait to learn more about web design!

About Me:

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I love art and am learning to become a better drawer/painter. Want to become an animator. Love playing football. Watching football is fun but I don't have a favorite team. I went to Gibbs Elementery, John Adams Middle School, and John Marshall High School. I am planning to transfer to a four year college after RCTC.

Hobbies/things I like:

Favorite Movie:


Director: Alex Garland

A meteor hits the earth and emits a field of light that changes everything inside of it.

Favorite Band


My best friend Mikael showed me this band and I have listened to them ever since.

Favorite Game


This is a game where you have to save a town from something that is turning them into crazy monsters. This is actually where I met my friend Mikael.

Below is a link to another student's website:

Kira Davis's Website