Hello there!

My name is Annabelle. This is my first website! Pretty bad, but hopefully I'll learn how to make it better!

I'm hoping to learn how to create a web page for the small floral business me and my mom run together. And in general, I'd love to learn how to make beautiful, usable websites that everyone can enjoy!

A photo I took on my last family vacation: cairns (rock towers) that me and my brothers built on a beach on Lake Superior, with my dad bending over in the background to look for agates (rocks).
A beach

I've been listening to Jeremy Soule's Skyrim music on YouTube while I do school. It calms me and helps me concentrate. This is my favorite of his compositions, The Streets of Whiterun.

And here's more music. It's a lofi version of Loki's theme, so it combines two of my favorite things—chill beats and Marvel.

MusicDownload.zone, a website where you can download mp3 files for free, without making an account.
Leah's page :)